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Educational Resources
Gene School '99"...a comprehensive, educational site exploring the fascinating innovations and discoveries of genetic science. Begin your journey through the world of genetics using the search engine or simply by browsing through a topic; either way, you will find that genetic science is an exciting field!""A clinical information resource relating genetic testing to the diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling of individuals and families with specific inherited disorders."
Genetics Education Center - University of Kansas Medical Center"For educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project."
Genetics Weekly UpdateThis Center for Disease Control site provides a weekly update on the impact of human genetic research on disease prevention and public health.
HSLS Molecular Biology and Genetics PortalHSLS Molecular Biology and Genetics Portal

General Sites of Interest
HUGO Gene Nomenclature CommitteeNo summary
National Center for Biotechnology Information.Contains nucleotide and protein databases, alignment tools, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, and PubMed
www.pancreas.orgNo summary

Genetic Societies
American Society of Human GeneticsNo summary
Links to Other Genetic SocietiesNo summary

Pitt Links
Department of Human GeneticsThe Department of Human Genetics homepage.
Human Genetics Grid Cluster (gattaca)"The Department of Human Genetics maintains a computing grid, which is optimized for parallel processing and large computational projects. This cluster is composed of 250 2Ghz PowerPC G5 processors..."
Institutional Animal Care and Use CommitteeAnimal use protocol applications and links to training programs.
Institutional Review BoardResearch Conduct and Compliance Office. IRB forms and training programs available on this site.
Obesity/Nutrition Research CenterLearn about studies at Pitt investigating the prevention and treatment of obesity.
Office of Research, Health Sciences"The mission of the Office of Research, Health Science, is to facilitate, nurture, and increase the biomedical research enterprise across the six schools of the Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh."
Research into the causes of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and related illnessesLearn about studies at Pitt that focus on discovering genetic and environmental factors predisposing individuals towards schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and related illnesses, with the ultimate goal of developing better treatments or preventative measures.
University of Pittsburgh - Department of Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsThe main webpage for the MMG department. DNA sequencing services are available at this site.

Pittsburgh Sites
City of PittsburghOfficial website of the City of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh PenguinsOfficial website of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh PiratesOfficial website of the Pittsburgh Pirates
Pittsburgh SteelersOfficial website of the Pittsburgh Steelers
PittsburgheseLearn how to speak like a native "Picksburgher"