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DNA Specimen Processing Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Is DNA extraction the only process available?
A: No, GRC can perform whole genome amplification, spectrophotometric analysis and PicoGreen assays on DNA samples extracted here or elsewhere.

Q: What method is used for Whole Genome Amplification?
A: We use the Repli-g kit (Qiagen). This kit is based on the multiple displacement amplification method and utilizes phi-29 polymerase. Please contact GRC staff for sample submission guidelines.

Q: What is the expected DNA yield from whole blood? from cultured cells? from buccal cells?
A: Whole Blood: 16-50 µg/mL blood. Cultured Cells: 5-10 µg/1-2 Million cells. Buccal Cells: 0.2-4 µg/cytology brush.

Q: Where can I deliver my samples?
A: Samples may also be dropped off at one of our sample dropoff locations: 3343 Forbes Ave Room 303, and S534A Scaife Hall.