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DNA Sample Preparation and Submission
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The GRC Specimen Processing Core Laboratory uses standard operating procedures and optimized conditions. In order to see that all samples are processed in a timely fashion, and to maximize the probability of high quality DNA we suggest that the following guidelines be followed.

Blood Collection
For DNA extraction, collect blood in EDTA (purple-top) tubes. For serum, collect blood in Serum Separator Tubes, SST (red-gray top) tubes. Vacutainer Blood Tubes from Becton Dickinson are recommended.

Blood Tube Labels
All sample tubes must be labeled with the following information in order to be processed: the Study Name, PI Name, Study Reference ID, and the Date Collected. Any other pertinent information regarding the sample must be noted, i.e. infectious status (if known). Sample labels must NOT contain any information revealing the identity of clinical subjects. A computerized spreadsheet indicating this information must be enclosed with each shipment. See notification section in Scheduling/Shipping for further details.

Tissue / Cell Collection
Please contact the Specimen Processing Laboratory for information regarding tissue and cell collection guidelines and extraction methods.

Samples may also be dropped off at one of our sample drop off locations, 3343 Forbes Ave Room 303, and S534A Scaife Hall or 2.15 Hillman Cancer Center Research Pavilion. Frozen tissue samples should be delivered to 3343 Forbes Avenue on dry ice to avoid potential thawing.