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DNA Scheduling and Shipping
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In order to ensure timely processing of your samples and the quality of the DNA that we are able to extract, please conform to these basic shipping and scheduling guidelines.

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Before any samples may be shipped, the study and investigator must be registered with GRC. If you have not yet contacted us, you may contact us by email or phone (412-648-9440).

All specimens must be packaged and mailed in containers that conform to postal regulations.

A sample log sheet must be received with all samples. A standard sample log sheet can be emailed to the investigator to be used for all sample drop-offs.

Ship samples only Monday through Wednesday using Next Day Delivery. Samples are received Tuesday through Thursday to ensure receipt and to allow for tracking and shipping errors. If other shipping dates are required, arrangements must be made with the Specimen Processing Laboratory personnel.

Blood collected in EDTA (purple-top) Vacutainer tubes should be received for processing within 24 hours from the time of blood draw. Cells from cell culture may be shipped overnight with sufficient dry ice for subsequent DNA extraction.