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Research Services - Microarrays for Gene Expression Profiling
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You must be a registered facility user before submitting any samples for processing. If your laboratory is new to our services, please register here.


The Genomics Research Core offers full laboratory support for gene expression detection on both the Illumina Beadchip and Affymetrix Genechip platforms. We are also available as an informational resource to help you design your microarray experiment and to offer troubleshooting and advice on the technical aspects of utilizing microarray technology in your research.

Microarray Platforms available through GRC
  • Illumina BeadChip®
  • Affymetrix 3’ IVT arrays
  • Affymetrix WT assay for Exon, GeneST and Tiling arrays

Genomics Manager Debby Hollingshead is available to go over the specifics of any project and review how the GRC might best facilitate your research progress. She can be contacted at: or 412-648-1284.

Turn around time

GRC works on a first come first serve basis. Therefore the exact turn around for any submission will depend on the amount of work ready and waiting to be performed when your samples arrive. Microarray data will be returned within one month of submission, but may be completed sooner if there is no queue.

Sample Submission Guidelines

Further information on these platforms:

Affymetrix 3’IVT arrays
Affymetrix Whole Transcriptome arrays
Illumina technology overview
Description of Illumina expression products