Genomics Research Core

What we do

Announcement: New Sample Drop Off Procedure, Effective June 8, 2020

Welcome to the Genomics Research Core. Through support from the Schools of the Health Sciences, we foster excellence in investigator-led genomics studies. The core provides genomics service to investigators at the University of Pittsburgh through access to high content cutting edge technologies, education and technical expertise.

Core personnel continue to stay abreast of technological advances that will impact the research efforts of faculty, staff, fellows and students. We encourage you to contact our research scientists to arrange for consultation or to provide feedback. Our staff is available to share their experience and expertise to help with development of projects of all sizes, standard or custom assay design, and any other specialized application needs. Please contact Janette Lamb or The Genomics Research Core is a Health Sciences Core Research Facilities shared resource.

Nucleic Acid Services

Our laboratory has extensive DNA/RNA extraction experience for dozens of tissue types and species. Whole genome amplification and specimen banking are also available.  

DNA Analysis

We offer genetic and genomic DNA analysis for a variety of applications, with sequencing available in standard, high-throughput and next-generation formats.

RNA Analysis

Genome-wide MicroArray or RNA-seq and targeted RNA analysis offerings allow investigators to obtain gene expression data from a flexible array of formats.

Next-Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing projects can be directed to Ion Torrent or Illumina sequencing platforms based on which technology is most suitable for the study.

Drop Seq

A 10X Chromium Controller is used for single cell RNA-seq and immune profiling and for linked read DNA sequencing that combines short read accuracy with long range context.


The Genomics Research Core should be acknowledged in all publications, posters and presentations. Please include the following statement in the acknowledgement section: This project used the University of Pittsburgh HSCRF Genomics Research Core, RRID: SCR_018301 [insert name/s] service/s.

Sample Drop Off Locations and Pick Up Times

Scaife A916 (A-stem) - pick up daily at 11:30 AM

300 Technology Drive, Room 238 - pick up unavailable at this time. Please see new drop off procedures

Children's Hospital Loading Dock - pick up unavailable at this time. Please see new drop off procedures Hillman Cancer Center Pavilion Room 2.15 - pick up Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning