Genomics Research Core

Genomic Sequencing

A wide variety of next generation DNA sequencing services are available for applications that range from whole exome sequencing to ChIP-seq.  The technology can be applied to human and complex model species as well as to microbial and viral research studies. Multiple types of genomic alterations can be detected including germline and somatic single nucleotide varants, copy number variants, small insertions and deletions and chromosomal rearrangements.

Projects can be directed to Ion Torrent or Illumina sequencing platforms based on which technology is most suitable for the study.

  • Whole exome sequencing allows examination of the coding sequences to find disease or phenotype variants.
  • Custom targeted DNA sequencing increases the power of your data by focusing on the genomic regions of interest. PCR and hybridization capture options are available.
  • ChIP-seq is a pwerful method that combines your immunoprecipitation assays with sequencing to localize transcription factor, histone or other protein binding sites, regions of open DNA and areas of chromatin interaction.
  • Pathogen detection and typing using multi locus sequence typing or 16S variable region sequencing of microbes has facilitated microbiome, metagenomic, disease epidemiology and etiology studies.

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