Genomics Research Core

Next-Generation Sequencing

Platforms for whole genome or targeted sequencing of specific genes and transcripts are available in our laboratories.   We offer services for DNA and RNA sequencing.  Microbial sequencing for shotgun or 16S metagenomics and disease surveillance and etiology is also supported. The full range of our services is listed below, but we can also work with you on custom and other specialized application needs.

  • Whole Exome
  • Whole transcriptome RNA-seq
  • Targeted DNA/RNA
  • ChIP-seq/RIP-seq
  • miRNA-seq
  • Small Genome
  • Metagenome

Next Generation sequencing projects can be directed to Ion Torrent or Illumina sequencing platforms based on which technology is most suitable for the study.

The Ion PGM Sequencer is the instrument of choice for small- to medium-sequencing projects including small genomes and Chip-Seq while the Ion Proton provides more capacity for pilot studies needing greater data output such as whole transcriptome, human exome resequencing or large population targeted resequencing studies.  The NextSeq 500 at our Health Sciences Sequencing Core at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh can accommodate larger whole exome and whole transcriptome studies.

To initiate a study please contact us to schedule a consultation.