Genomics Research Core

Our Services

The Genomics Research Core is a Health Sciences Core Research Facilities shared resource that operates high-content and high-throughput technologies for basic and translational genomic research. Resources include:

Nucleic Acid Services

Our laboratory has extensive DNA/RNA extraction experience for dozens of tissue types and species. Whole genome amplification and specimen banking are also available. 

DNA Analysis

We offer genetic and genomic DNA analysis for a variety of applications, with sequencing available in standard, high-throughput and next-generation formats. 

RNA Analysis

Genome-wide MicroArray or RNA-seq and targeted RNA analysis offerings allow investigators to obtain gene expression data from a flexible array of formats.

Next-Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing projects can be directed to Ion Torrent or Illumina sequencing platforms based on which technology is most suitable for the study.



You must be a registered facility user before submitting any samples for processing. If your laboratory is new to our services, please register here.