Genomics Research Core

DNA Analysis

Genomics Research Core Staff will work with you to provide solutions for your sequencing and genotyping needs. The choice of Taqman, Affymetrix or Illumina SNP assay platforms is based on project goals and throughput needs.

Sanger Sequencing

Sanger sequencing samples can be submitted for full service sequencing or in plates for capillary run only.  Fragment length polymorphism capillary electrophoresis is also available.

SNP Genotyping

There are numerous custom, user defined and fixed content SNP genotyping technologies. Our knowledgeable staff can help you to determine the best application for your research needs.

DNA Methylation

Technologies using genome-wide assays or targeting specific sites are available to examine DNA methylation.  We can assist you in finding the appropriate platform for your research aims.


NanoString measures nucleic acid content by counting molecules without the need for amplifcation. Its multiplexed assays measure up to 800 targets in a single reaction.

Genomic Sequencing

Genomics Research Core DNA sequencing services include genome wide and targeted applications with both fixed panel and custom options.