Genomics Research Core

DNA Methylation

The Genomics Research Core offers several technologies to support the analysis of DNA methylation patterns. These include:

lllumina Infinium MethylationEPIC Arrays

  • single nucleotide resolution for 450K CpG islands
  • covers 99% of RefSeq genes and 96% of CpG islands
  • our service includes bisulfite conversion of your DNA

Next-Generation Sequencing

  • enrichment methods can isolate methylated genomic regions based on CpG methylation density
  • bisulfite whole genome sequencing provides a means to analyze the methylation rates across the genome

SABiosciencs Epitect or Zymo qMethyl

  • qPCR based
  • targets specific CpG islands 
  • disease and pathway arrays or custom designs are available

We can assist with custom assay designs. Please contact Genomics Research Core  to discuss your project

Bisulfite Sanger Sequencing

  • qualitative focused analysis of CpG sites.

Please contact Genomics Research Core to discuss your project needs and which of these technologies might be most helpful to you in achieving your research aims.