Genomics Research Core

Tape Station Quality Assessment

Instrument Information

The Agilent Tape Station 4200 provides the same functionality as the Bioanalyzer 2100 but with throughput options from single samples to full plates.  A full plate for any RNA assay is 72-95 samples, for DNA 72-90 samples.

Assay Information

RNA assays are designed to assess sample degradation. The instrument software calculates an RNA Integrity Number (RIN), a widely accepted measure of RNA degradation. The qualitative range of each assay is as follows:

  • RNA: 25-500 ng/µl RNA
  • High Sensitivity RNA: 500-10000 pg/µl RNA

The High Sensitivity DNA assay is designed to assess the size distribution and concentration of dilute DNA mixtures, such as Next Gen Sequencing libraries. The Genomics Research Core offers service on 2 HS DNA assays.

  • HS-D1000: 35-1000 bp @ 10-1000 pg/µl
  • HS-D5000: 100-5000 bp @ 10-1000 pg/µl
  • gDNA: 200-60000 bp @ 10-300 ng/µl

As with the Bioanalyzer, concentrations returned by the Tape Station are estimates only. Results obtained by other reliable means should not be questioned based on differences with concentrations returned by the Tape Station.

Sample Submission Guidelines

  • Submit samples diluted to the qualitative range of the appropriate assay.
  • Submit a minimum of 5 µl per sample in a 0.5 ml tube. No strip tubes please.  No 1.5 ml tubes please. If you have a small quantity of RNA, submit a minimum of 2.5 ul.
  • RNA samples will be denatured. Please don't send stocks.
  • Clearly label your samples with the PI name on the side and a simple sample name on top (e.g. JS01, JS02, JS03…)
  • Submit a service request via iLab.