Genomics Research Core

DNA Extraction

The Genomics Research Core offers DNA extraction services from a wide array of tissue types, including whole blood/PBMC's, tissue, cultured cells, buccal cells, and saliva.

Isolated DNA is returned to the investigator with a spreadsheet that includes concentration measured at A260, the A260/A280 ratio, hydration volume and total yield of DNA for each sample.

DNA is suitable for any downstream application that requires high quality, high molecular weight DNA including PCR, SNP genotyping, DNA methylation and next generation sequencing.

Drop-off Locations

Please deliver frozen blood or tissue samples to 3343 Forbes Avenue on dry ice to avoid potential thawing.

  • 3343 Forbes Ave Room 303
  • Scaife Hall A916 (A-stem)
  • 2.15 Hillman Cancer Center Research Pavilion
  • Rm 238 300 Technology Drive
  • Children’s Hospital Loading dock

Recommended Sample Collection

  • Collect whole blood in EDTA (purple-top) tubes.
  • Collect serum in Serum Separator Tubes, SST (red-gray top) tubes.
  • Contact the Genomics Research Core for assistance regarding tissue and cell collection.

Labeling Guidelines

  • Use printed labels for legibility and permanence
  • Include Study Name, PI name, Study Reference ID, Date collected
  • Do NOT INCLUDE any personal information that would reveal the identity of clinical subjects. Samples that include subject identifiers cannot be accepted by the Genomics Research Core

Questions: Contact Genomics Research Core for assistance.

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