Genomics Research Core

Microarray Analysis

Analyze changes in annotated transcriptomes with microarrays.  The Genomics Research Core offers full service support for all Affymetrix cartridge arrays for RNA analysis as well as the remaining Illumina expression array, the HT12.

Affymetrix Microarrays

  • Clariom D Arrays: An innovative approach to array design, these arrays have probes for all known exons and exon junctions as well as many non-coding RNAs. Available for human, mouse or rat.
  • Clairim S Arrays: Gene expression focused array with probes to all exons common to all transcripts of well annotated genes
  • GeneST arrays: Available for a wide selection of model organisms, Gene Arrays provide robust expression level analysis for coding and non-coding RNA.
  • 3’ IVT: Gene expression level analysis of mRNA. Available for many model organisms.

Sample Submission Guidelines