Genomics Research Core

Microarray Analysis

Analyze changes in annotated transcriptomes with microarrays.  The Genomics Research Core offers full service support for all Affymetrix cartridge arrays for RNA analysis.

Affymetrix Microarrays

  • Clariom D Arrays: An innovative approach to array design, these arrays have probes for all known exons and exon junctions as well as many non-coding RNAs. Available for human, mouse or rat.
  • Clairim S Arrays: Gene expression focused array with probes to all exons common to all transcripts of well annotated genes
  • GeneST arrays: Available for a wide selection of model organisms, Gene Arrays provide robust expression level analysis for coding and non-coding RNA.
  • 3’ IVT: Gene expression level analysis of mRNA. Available for many model organisms.

Sample Submission Guidelines