Genomics Research Core

miRNA Analysis

Small RNA Extraction

Analysis of small RNA starts with selection of an appropriate extraction method. Not all methods retain small fragments of RNA that we now know are important contributors to cell function. Contact Genomics Research Core if you have any questions about choosing an extraction method.

miRNA/small RNA Survey

Small RNA-Seq

  • Small RNA library preparation and sequencing can be performed using Ion Torrent PGM or Proton or on the Illumina NextSeq500 at our Illumina Sequencing Core.

Affymetrix miRNA array

  • Query mature miRNA, pre-miRNA and multiple other types of small RNA with this multi-species array

Nanostring miRNA assay panel

  • Count miRNA molecules for 800 targets with Nanostring digital, amplification free technology

Realtime PCR options

Targeted small RNA analysis 

Realtime PCR


  • Simultaneously assay a targeted selection of miRNA and mRNA’s with Nanostring’s miRGE assay.