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NanoString - DNA & RNA Analysis

Nanostring is an amplification-free technology that measures nucleic acid content by counting molecules directly. Refer to the NanoString Web site for a detailed explanation of the technology. The assays are designed to measure up to 800 targets in a single reaction, and the platform processes 12 samples simultaneously.

Available assay types:

mRNA and/or lncRNA

  • Use total RNA or cell lysate
  • Validated modifications for single cell analysis


  • Off the shelf panels are available for human, mouse, rat, and fly
  • miRNA profiling of >800 miRNA sequences.

miRGE (miRNA, mRNA, lncRNA)

  • Analyze expression levels of both message and micro RNA simultaneously in a single reaction

DNA Copy Number Variation

  • Measure DNA copy number in up to 800 regions.

Protein/RNA expression

  • Study complex cellular mechanisms with the simultaneous analysis of human gene expression and protein response.
  • Currently available for PanCancer Immune panel, additional panels coming soon


  • Measure dsDNA targets in immunoprecipitation enriched chromatin
  • Validate Chip-Seq

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