Genomics Research Core

Nucleic Acid Services

Our laboratories offer DNA and RNA extraction services for blood, tissue and cultured cells.  Quality and quantity assessment of nucleic acid samples, whole genome amplification and secure specimen banking are also available.

DNA Extraction

DNA extraction is available for whole blood, tissue, cultured cells, buccal cells, and saliva. Standard quantification is by spectrophotometer 260nm/280nm ratio.

RNA Extraction

Our laboratory has experience in RNA extraction from a variety of sample types, and our knowledgeable staff routinely obtains high-quality intact RNA free of genomic DNA contamination.

Quality Assessment

We offer full service quality assessment for RNA integrity and for the size distribution and estimated concentration of dilute DNA mixtures.

Whole Genome Amplification

The Genomics Research Core uses the Repli-G whole genome amplification midi kit from Qiagen to conduct multiple displacement amplification.