Genomics Research Core

Realtime PCR

The Genomics Research Core operates an AB 7900HT for realtime PCR analysis with all the accessories necessary to accept 96 and 384 well optically clear PCR plates as well as the AB Taqman Low Density Arrays (TLDA). The instrument is compatible with probe based assays as well as SYBR green based detection.

The Genomics Research Core offers two levels of service for realtime PCR.

Instrument run only 

  • Investigator reserves time on the 7900HT and brings a plate ready for PCR.
  • Instrument output file is posted for retrieval.
  • Data analysis is done by the investigator’s laboratory.

Full service 

  • Investigator brings RNA and assays.
  • Genomics Research Core performs reverse transcription, PCR and first order data analysis


Submission Guidelines for Instrument Run Only
Submission Guidelines for Full Service
Submission Guidelines for Instrument Run Only Using TLDAs
Sources for Realtime PCR Assays
Genomics Research Core methods
Considerations for Design and Analysis of Realtime PCR


Essentials of Realtime PCR (Thermo Fisher)
qPCR Technical Guide (Sigma-Aldrich)
qPCR Assay Design (Bio-Rad)