Genomics Research Core

RNA Analysis

The Genomics Research Core has a range of platforms that allow investigators to obtain gene expression data from a flexible array of formats. Full service is available for all technologies including Affymetrix and Illumina microarrays, Nanostring and RNA-seq.

MicroArray Analysis

Gene expression studies using microarray analysis are supported for the Illumina Beadchip and Affymetrix Genechip platforms.

Realtime PCR

The Genomics Research Core offers both full-service and instrument-run only for Realtime PCR. Our Instrument is compatible with 96 or 384-well and TLDA experiments.

miRNA Analysis

Several technology options are available for the study of miRNA expression from genome wide profiling to single gene or pathway focused assays.


NanoString is an amplification free technology that measures nucleic acid content by counting molecules. It can be used to asses the expression of mRNA, miRNA or mRNA and protein.

RNA Sequencing

Genomics Research Core RNA Sequencing services include whole transcriptome, AmpliSeq Transcriptome, small RNA sequencing and targeted RNA-seq.