Genomics Research Core

RNA Sequencing

RNA-Seq projects can be directed to Ion Torrent or Illumina sequencing platforms based on which technology is most suitable for the study.

The Ion PGM Sequencer is the instrument of choice for small- to medium-sequencing projects while the Ion Proton provides more capacity for pilot studies needing greater data ouput.  The NextSeq 500 at our Health Sciences Sequencing Core at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh can accommodate larger studies. 

  • Whole Transcriptome sequencing enables discovery of novel splice variants and analysis of coding and non-coding RNA expression
  • Targeted RNA sequencing increases the power of your data by focusing on transcripts of interest. PCR and hybridization capture options available.
  • Small RNA sequencing provides the opportunity to explore the regulatory impact of changes in small RNA expression. Library preparation focuses on RNA sequences of <100 nt.
  • mRNA sequencing is ideal when changes in gene expression are most crucial, focusing analysis on coding transcripts with polyA selection

Please contact the Genomics Research Core to discuss your study aims.