Genomics Research Core

SNP Genotyping

Infinium Arrays

An excellent high throughput technology. Multiple array types are available to match your study aims. Flexible design means pre-designed arrays can be used alone or with addition of custom SNPs.  A fully custom option of your own design is also available. 

  • Exome focused arrays target coding SNPs that have a higher likelihood of causing functional change.
  • Disease specific arrays focus on SNPs important to diseases such as cancer or phenotypes like inflammation.
  • Mult-Ethnic arrays enable identification of genetic associations with common and rare traits across diverse populations.
  • CytoSNP arrays identify genetic and structural variation for developmental, CNV or LOH studies.

See for most up to date information on current offerings.

DNA requirements vary depending on the type of array. Contact the Genomics Research Core to discuss array selection and sample requirements.


For small to medium studies querying up to 10 SNP loci for hundreds to thousands of samples. Pre-developed assays are available. Design services are also commercially available for custom loci. If you would like to initiate a study utilizing this technology, please contact the Genomics Research Core for details of sample preparation and assay availability.

Taqman Sample Submission Guidelines
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