Genomics Research Core

Whole Genome Amplification

As standard practice, the Genomics Research Core uses the Repli-G whole genome amplification midi kit from Qiagen. This reaction returns approximately 40 µg of 2-100 kb DNA in a 50 µl reaction.

A reaction clean up to remove excess salt, primers and dNTPs is recommended for some downstream processing. Please contact GRC for information regarding this service.

Sample Submission Guidelines

  • Minimum sample for representative amplification is 10 ng per 5 µl input.
  • Submit 5 µl in 0.2 ml PCR plate to qualify for maximum discount.
  • Seal wells with caps or freezer quality foil adhesive. If using foil adhesive, be sure that each well is securely sealed. You should be able to see the outline of the well clearly imprinted in the foil.
  • Complete and submit Specimen Processing Drop-Off Form.
  • Place sample plates in the drop off freezer rather than refrigerator to reduce volume loss due to evaporation.
  • For most efficient turn around, contact GRC to tell us that samples are being delivered.